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If you have your own Independent Consultancy Practice or are thinking about starting one, STOP.  Take a couple of minutes and read through this site and our FREE VIDEO Report, sign up and I will show you how to use leading techniques to fast track your consultancy to success. When implemented this information can sincerely be worth many £10,000's (or $$) or even £100,000's of extra profit for your consultancy.

The number one reason consultants fail isn't because they are poor consultants, it's often because they don't succeed quickly enough and their cash runs out.  With consultancy there is a fast and there is a slow way to succeed. I want to show you not just the fast track but the fast, successful and more profitable way to your consultancy success. 

How do I know this?

Back in 2000/01 I worked as a Commercial Director for one of the largest Telecoms companies about – AT&T.  This was a boom time but just as per the recession in 2009, 2001 had a huge shake-out of internet and telecoms companies.  AT&T in the UK was sold to another company which in turn went chapter 11 and then into administration.  I along with 99% all the team ended up being made redundant and lost my job along with 1000’s of others as a result. 

I knew I wanted to try a few different things so I contracted successfully for a while before deciding on going back to my very first vocation – Consultancy.  Since then I have studied long and hard – made many mistakes but learned to apply specific sales and marketing techniques which allowed me to build my consultancy business into a success billing over £400,000 (over $600,000) in a year.

What I learned is that you can make it as a consultant but there is a fast and a slow way to do it.  Many friends and colleagues of mine had to give up because they ran out of cash.

Working as a consultant can be very rewarding, not just from a financial point of view but also from a lifestyle point of view.  As a consultant I have been able to spend infinitely valuable time with my family as when I am not out with clients I work from my custom built home office which comes complete with gym.  I am now also fitter, healthier and much more relaxed than ever as a result. 

The material you will find within this website, training and emails is real, from my own experience as a successful consultant and it works.  


If you are serious about succeeding as a consultant and want to learn how I achieved my success then enter your details below and I will send you out some of the secrets that helped me, which will help you too.


What do you need to become a Successful Consultant?


Here is a new consultant’s checklist of what you will need to make it as a successful consultant.

Authority – Sometimes you will need to take charge, other times lead from behind.

Communication – Goes hand in hand with great project management.  Poor communication can and does cost. 

Confidence – A client will respond well to confidence but not to a lack of. Arrogance however will quickly turn off clients engaging with you.  You also need the confidence in yourself to say no to clients sometimes.

Empathy – Can you put yourself in others shoes and quickly build rapport with your client?

Expertise - It doesn't matter in which field, but you do need to be an expert at something.  If you are not an expert then perhaps you are better off developing your expertise before you start your consultancy.  You may however be surprised at your existing level of expertise.

Disciplined – Both to master your expertise and to work alone as needed.

Intelligent Marketing Skills - There are plenty of technically excellent consultants that are being constrained because they don't know or don't want to know how to become a Consultancy Marketing expert! You are the product and great marketing will make the difference between an average consultancy and a great consultancy see Marketing for more information.

Flexibility – This can be both positive and negative.  You may need to work at a client’s office but can usually also work from home. 

Organised and Efficient – The more organised you are the more work you will be able take on.

Project Management – Most consultancy engagements are project orientated.  Intelligent Project Management will mean hitting the right targets at the right time, while properly communicating with your clients.

Sales Skills – Marketing will bring you the opportunity but sales skills are needed to convert the interested prospect into a paying client.  The sales process should never stop, even after you are paid.  Do it right and you win repeat business (key!) – wrong and you will end up with annoyed clients or worse no clients at all.

The Change Agent – Can you influence change within an organisation?  Importantly can you ensure change happens and sticks?

To Help People – If you don’t enjoy helping people then Consultancy probably isn't for you.  Succeeding - really succeeding in business has to be about more than just the money.  If you are not enjoying what you do can you really call yourself successful - no matter how much you earn?



You will also need:


An Office – Be it a serviced office or an office at home together with all relevant technology.

An Image – Just as important as an office you need to build an image as a Consultant that people will want to do business with.  Website, stationery, cards and attire are all important considerations.

Finance - Many new consultancies will take a few months before they will become cashflow positive unless there is a project that is being offered from the start.  You need the cashflow to continue to invest and to live on.

A Plan – Without a plan you have nothing to measure against and timescales will slip – your plan will change and adapt but you must have a plan.


Consultancy as your Career


The good news is that being a consultant is one of the best careers around.  When it’s carried out correctly you can live very, very well with the flexibility of working when and where you want and for as long as you want as well.




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